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Assessment                                                                                              $190/hour

To begin with, I will gather information about the child’s development and a case history, this can be done in person or via Zoom. 

Assessment may be formal or informal depending on the child's age and difficulties. Assessment may include a combination of:

  • Standardised tests

  • Parent/teacher/caregiver report

  • Observation of play/interaction across multiple settings

Assessment reports can be written on request for a fee of $190 per hour, some reports may take more than one hour to complete and will be billed accordingly. 


The speech pathologist will work with the family to establish realistic and achievable goals. Therapy goals will arise from assessment findings and also parents’ main concerns. 

This is a mobile speech service meaning location of sessions is flexible. Therapy is able to be conducted in the home, school, childcare or public settings (for example: park, playground, etc). I also offer video sessions through Zoom for clients that would prefer contactless therapy. 


45 minute session               $140

1 hour session                    $190


Travel to therapy sessions is billed at the hourly rate. The Therapist will discuss this with you while arranging appointments.

Progress reports are available to be written on request. 

My Approach
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